Spring Hope for Ukraine - about us

The world wakes up welcoming the spring once again. Flowers are blossoming in Switzerland. The changed warm wind brings butterflies, hope and new beginnings. Easter brings all its blessings. I love spring.

I was born in Gdansk, Poland. That city, where the Second World War started. That city, where the Solidarity was born. NO MORE WAR - how many times did I see those massive letters in Westerplatte? And yet, I live to see the war, just nextdoor, as disgusting and brutal as it can get. My heart shudders to help Ukraine.

Therefore, I decided to donate the income of my company, Kleiner Sternli Fotografie, in the month of May to the Ukrainian government, so they can allocate that money according to their current needs.

I thought, it would be wonderful if other companies joined in. This is how this platform came into existence, where both clients and service providers, who want to support Ukraine in this extremely difficult spring, could find each others.

All the companies listed in our platform provide services, from which the income will be donated, in part or in full, to the Ukrainian government. We do not collect donations. You can donate directly to the Government of Ukraine here.